If you are in the skin care industry and you change to Nanoskin, your clients are going to love you. In these tough times high quality Nanoskin is highly affordable compared to similar skin care products in the upper price brackets.

Nanoskin is formulated with the best cosmeceutical skin actives money can buy. And will in most cases give equal and better results than other high priced skin care brands. Your clients will get results. Not just promises. They pay for what is inside the product, not for over priced packaging.

When you give your clients the aditional advantage of a professional skin ananlysis with a polarised microscopic skin scanner they will bring their friends to your salon to experience the latest skin analysis device and software.

Your clients will be amazed as you show them visibly underlying skin problems and how these areas improve over time with the recommended correction methods. This is only possible with the microscopic skin analyzer from Nanoskin.

Professional digital microscope Skin Analyzer / Skin Scanner
 with powerful GRUNBERGER skin analysis software.
The software for this scanner was specifically licensed by the Grunberger Institute to promote sales of Nanoskin.
Sales of your services and Nanoskin care range will rapidly improve with this valuable skin analysis system.

The moment you can supply proof to your client base that your treatment or product is working, they will come back for more.

Rapidly increase the sales of your Nanoskin care formulas with visible proof. Get more clients fast with this break through high quality technology in facial skin care. If they see it... They will believe it.
So how does it work?

Features of the safe industry proven USB face skin scanner and analyzer:

  • Easily demonstrate actual skin condition and develop more        targeted treatment programs.
  • Quickly show skin improvements both before and after skin treatment, track treatment progress and outcomes effectively over time.
  • Directly test the quality of cosmetics.
  • Register, search, and save client analysis record information for future comparisons.
  •  Isolate skin target zones for more detailed analysis.
  • Generate professional reports for both quantitative and subjective analysis of skin conditions.
  • Detailed and demonstrative information instructs client to fix their skin concerns.
Really Easy to Operate. Watch the video
Step 1: Analysis
Using one of the most clinically advanced analyzing machines available, your skin therapist will take six different photographs of your face in 4 zones to measure and build an accurate picture of its condition. These images are taken making use of different spectrums of light to highlight even invisible problems and underlying sun damage. This is exciting process and your client will often be mesmerized by the microscopic condition of their skin.
This provides a unique assessment of the surface and sub-surface structures: skin aging, wrinkles, oil production, UV damage and skin tone.
Step 2: Diagnosis and personalized Nanoskin care prescription
You'll then receive an exceptionally accurate skin diagnosis, highlighting potential issues not visible to the naked eye. Your skin care therapist will provide relevant health and lifestyle tips, and give you a personalized treatment prescription.
Step 3: Measurable results
Skin Scanner Health Checks don't simply identify issues. Throughout the course of your treatment, you'll receive further photographic analyses to document your progress and see just how much your skin has improved.

The facial scanner system is the latest professional equipment for skin treatment with Nanoskin Technology.

The System has the ability of standard white-light (RGB) shooting system plus polarized light to look deeper than the epidermis. The system compares the tested skin to a patented GRUNBERGER algorithm of skin analysis.

Once the digital imaging system emits visible RGB light and safe Polarized light to the skin, various chromophores in skin cells respond to the light differently, and sends back remitted light. The reflected light is captured by the digital microscope and analyzed by Grunberger skin analysis software for the light absorbed at various wavelengths, analyzing images created and interpreted by your computer then shows the skin condition and assist you with future predictions and care that must be taken.
You will be delighted to own a state of the art Skin Scanning (Skin Analysis) microscope.  This allows both the client and therapist to recognize and diagnose skin problems together.  With this visual representation of where the problem areas may occur, the therapist can easily explain the benefits of correct Nanoskin Technology skin treatment and care.

Some of the conditions that the skin scanner can highlight are as follows:

  •             Pigmentation
  •             Sun Damage
  •             Dehydration
  •             Acid Mantle secretions
  •             Oily skin and moisture levels.
Once the therapist has conducted the skin scan it can then be displayed on the computer so the client has a clear picture of the current health of their skin.  Your fully trained skin therapist can then use a built in technique to analize every aspect of the skin, enabling her to advise the client on the most effective Nanoskin program to achieve the optimum results for her/his skin.

Take your facial skin scanner on tour, it is completely portable with your windows notebook. You will be amazed at the number of new clients you will attract. Curiosity makes the cash register sing.

The skin scanner and facial skin analyser software is easy to operate from your windows notebook or windows tablet and takes less than 5 minutes.
The NSDAx50 skin analyzer, integrates a high definition 50x USB microscope camera with intelligent software to find potential skin problems in the epidermis layer as well as the deeper dermis layer. This is made possible by the built in white light as well as safe polarized light to do a deep scan of skin below the epidermis.

With the NSDAx50, it is possible to find skin problems quickly and precisely. The analysis report is displayed conveniently for you, and your client on your computer screen. It offers suggestions and highlights problems, making light work for you to accurately diagnose and analyze the skin.

The unbiased Grunberger skin analysis software will act as your silent salesman to sell your Nanoskin Care Range. Readings can be taken anywhere on the skin and you can concentrate on specific problem areas precisely and capture photos of the troubled areas under great magnification as well as looking deeper than just the surface  problem.

What separates the skin scanner from other scanners is that it is small and very portable. You can carry your mini USB powered scanner with your notebook, and do analysis everywhere and anywhere you go. The software also allows you to do full screen roaming of the skin.

Want to sell more and make a scientific difference for your client? Invest in the NSDAx50.

        Captures skin image under high purity visible light (RGB) and polarized light at a 50x magnification.
        Automatically analyze skin issues such as, skin moisture ratio, oil ratio, skin texture, as well as skin surface blood vessels.
        3D rendering of skin epidermis- Can simulate 3D (three-dimension) image of skin.
        Integrates perfectly with Nanoskin cosmeceutical skin care range and skin needling, to boost sales.
        Very Portable. You practically have a beauty laboratory in your bag.
        Grunberger Software and Scanner compatible with Windows 7 and 8.
        Does not require a separate power supply. It is powered from the USB port on your PC.
        Clients prefer this scanner as they are not subject to the claustrophobia effect of the full face scanner.
Digital Skin Scanner.
Think of it as a skin care laboratory that can fit in your bag.
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